About me

Liu Jiaming | Industrial Designer

Jiaming Liu is a designer who focuses on bringing fresh perspectives into people’s daily lives. Now he is exploring cross-cultural and sustainable design. He was born in China, where he completed his bachelor’s degree. And recently graduated with a master degree from Folkwang University of the Arts.

“Design is like water to me. It is everywhere, changes endless and indispensable. It provides a place, where different reactions to adapt and balance each other.”


  • Siemens CN
    UXD Center, Product Designer, Intern
    Beijing, China | 2018.12 – 2019.06


  • Folkwang University of the Arts
    Master’s Degree, Industrial Design
    Essen, Germany | 2020.10 – 2022.10

  • Polytechnic University of Milan
    Exchange Student, Integrated Product Design
    Milan, Italy | 2021.09 – 2022.02

  • Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts
    Bachelor’s Degree, Product Design
    Tianjin, China | 2015.09 – 2019.06


  • designboom
    < jiaming liu 3D prints non-electric humidifier out of recycled industrial waste >
  • FastCompany
    < No plug? No problem. This 3D-printed humidifier doesn’t use any electricity >
  • Yanko Design
    < 3d-printed clay air humidifier is created out of recycled ceramic powder, reducing waste >

Exhibitions :

  • KSBDA Fall International Conference
    Korea | 2019
  • International Student Design Competition
    Taiwan, China | 2019
  • ICL International Creative Leadership
    Tianjin, China | 2017