Print Clay Humidifier 2.0

Sustainability & New Technology
Presented at Milan Design Week
01.2023 – 04.2023

Print Clay Humidifier is a 3D-printed non-electric humidifier made with recycled ceramic waste. After rounds of testing and prototyping with different materials and techniques, Jiaming landed on a 3D printing method and powdered ceramic (recycled from ceramic waste) that further improved water absorption efficiency. A non-electric, recycled and recyclable version of a common household device that is both functional and elegant.

It function based on capillary water absorption, allows clay to absorb the water, bring to surface and give water into the air.It using recycled ceramic powder to increas its porosity and cooperation with the unique print structure, the water absorption of the clay has been strongly improve, also with the humiliation function.

It has two parts, the up part can absorb water and give water into the air. the lower part is with outside glazed, it can keep 1L water inside and give it out in 24 hours, It function just like a plant to Absorb, transport, and evaporate the water. so You can think of it as a clay made plant,

For clay, higher porosity means higher water absorption efficiency, that allows clay to bring more and higher water into the surface, to evaporate faster.
At the other side, cooperation with the unique print structure, like the petal structure in here, It create a special angel and the pressure difference, which further improves the water absorption of the clay.

When it’s at the end of it service life, It can still be used as recycled powder.

The aim of this project is to expand the use of ceramic recycling to bring the realization of a resource-recycling society. Its create a circular recycling system for a product that brings a Better Tomorrow.