Culinary & Kitchen
Individual project
2022.04 – 2022.07, Summer

The two O’s in COOFFEE mean that the one cup has a double opening. The different sizes of volumes in the two openings correspond to daily and different coffee. It offers a fun and unique everyday coffee experience, You can drink different volumes of coffee from one cup and keep the liquid level of the coffee always on the top of the cup.

It offers a fun and unique everyday coffee experience. So you don’t have to keep rummaging for different cups.mAlso the hanging firing process not only allows the cup to be glazed on both side opening, it is also easy to expand into a series of products.

The small opening is used to drink espresso, lungo, etc.,
and the larges is used to drink Americano, cappuccino, etc.

The combination of traditional crafts and new usage scenarios. Material of the product is ceramic, which adopts a special hanging firing process. In the cup middle with a high-temperature resistant metal wire ( like Kanthal wire, 2mm Kanthal wire can be used up to 1400ºC ). It adopts a special hanging firing process, making the double openings glazed, and allows to drink coffee smoothly.

The design of the center line not only expresses its processing characteristics and usage in appearance, but also can be easily extended to a series of other products, such as cups without handles, glasses, etc.

Thanks to Folkwang’s Ceramic Workshop, Lilli Weinhold, Fabian Bastert and ceramic artist Christine Ruff, for their help with ceramic Q&A.

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