Magnetic Honeycomb Storage Box

Office Stationery
Individual project
at Folkwang University of the Arts, Germany
2022.03 – 2022.04, Spring

This tools aim to help realize a personalized, flexible daily office working. Honeycomb shape with magnetic force, easy to disassemble and take. This project aims to deal with the multi-scene & switching work in the office.
In daily work, scenes are often switched: computer, office desk whiteboard, water dispenser. The tools used are also scattered and messy. There is a lack of desktop storage products on the market that can cope with this kind of work scene switching and personalized combination.

With three sizes of boxes, that are easy to disassemble and assemble, they can be freely combined and added to suit individual needs.
The product can also be pasted on other metal surfaces that can be attracted by magnetic force, to deal with the multi-scene & switching work in the office.

A variety of models with different structures and connection methods were tested here, including round bodies, different sizes of collocations, and a composite magnet tape with variable structures was tried.
The final choice was a hexagonal structure with grooves and magnets embedded in the grooves. This small groove brings unexpected visual effects, and the structure is simple and reliable. As the height of the box increases, the embedded magnet block also increases with its volume and expected content objects

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