Warning Chair

Public Infrastructure,
Semester project, MA
at Folkwang University of the Arts, Germany
Direction, Prof. Kurt Mehnert, Dustin Jessen
2021.05 – 2021.08, Summer

Workers usually only have a very short rest time when they work intensely, so it is very necessary to take a break in time. However, many construction sites have no place to put personal belongings stuff and rest in time.
This product can expand the function by various collocation combinations to meet different needs in construction site, here workers can rest, eat, talk and relax with others.

Warning chair can be equipped with warning signs. The main body can provide seating for people and connect the warning band as an isolation railing.
With signs shield can be used in a variety of ways. When inserted vertically, it works mainly for the warning partition and when seted in flat it can be used as a seat and table during rest time.

In addtion, the warning sign in this product can install other standardized traffic signs and, thanks to its special structure, it can also be used on the pillar as a road sign

Here is it used as Waring Zone & State of Rest/Entertainment .
With emergency lights and warning tapes, it can be required as a warning or insulation, at building entrances, street entrances and indoor places.

During the break, you can place your stuff on the surface or hang it on a shelf and enjoy your rest time.

Photography by Jiaming Liu & Yifei Xiao

Thanks to Folkwang’s metal workshop, Markus Weiß, Thorsten Poppe and Reinhold Heming for their help in metal model making.

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